i deleted all my music…

…and that was one of the best ideas i ever had.

Nearly two thirds of my hd was filled with music. All the beatport and dj-mix downloads. All the iTunes and “other” music. I was sick of it. Tried rdio and simfy. But yeah, not quite the thing i was looking for. Next contender: spotify. And then i looked into my itunes playlists via spotify. And what did i see? Nearly half of the weight was already in spotify! Ok, maybe not the super-underground-dub-wobble-math-metal stuff. But at least all the classics and albums. And to be honest, how often do you listen to the obscure things? Since i rarely dj maybe once a week. So after two weeks on spotify it was time for a decision: to kill it all!

Since then, i have listened to more new stuff than ever before. Thanks to all the apps like pitchfork and the super enhanced last.fm features.
And i don’t dig through the same pile of records all the time. With the offline listening feature, mobile app and 320kb quality it’s even more awesome. Music embedding — uber awesome. I hope more people follow that path with a paid account (maybe even something like flattr?) to make it more profitable for the artists.
And do i still buy music? Yes i do.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post and i don’t have sex with any of the spotify employees. And, yes: i have everything sleeping in a time machine backup somewhere.


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