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Digital Synergies Panel

In the beginning of the year i was talking with some amazing people at the craften (ciclope) festival in amsterdam.
Speakers: Wesley Ter Haar (MediaMonks), Michelle Craig(Unit 9), Nils Hartmann (Parasol Island), Stine Hein (Bacon de Czar).
Moderated by the AWESOME Kerrie Finch (Finchfactor)

Digital Synergies Panel from Ciclope Festival on Vimeo.

Where i am working:

If you are curious where i waste most of my time, say hello to the Parasol Island in this little feature:

i deleted all my music…

…and that was one of the best ideas i ever had.

Nearly two thirds of my hd was filled with music. All the beatport and dj-mix downloads. All the iTunes and “other” music. I was sick of it. Tried rdio and simfy. But yeah, not quite the thing i was looking for. Next contender: spotify. And then i looked into my itunes playlists via spotify. And what did i see? Nearly half of the weight was already in spotify! Ok, maybe not the super-underground-dub-wobble-math-metal stuff. But at least all the classics and albums. And to be honest, how often do you listen to the obscure things? Since i rarely dj maybe once a week. So after two weeks on spotify it was time for a decision: to kill it all!

Since then, i have listened to more new stuff than ever before. Thanks to all the apps like pitchfork and the super enhanced features.
And i don’t dig through the same pile of records all the time. With the offline listening feature, mobile app and 320kb quality it’s even more awesome. Music embedding — uber awesome. I hope more people follow that path with a paid account (maybe even something like flattr?) to make it more profitable for the artists.
And do i still buy music? Yes i do.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post and i don’t have sex with any of the spotify employees. And, yes: i have everything sleeping in a time machine backup somewhere.

Fake User-Networks on facebook

Its quite crazy how many automatically generated fake users you meet on facebook. And it is getting harder and harder to to actually tell they are fake.
I have collected two weeks worth of fake requests. And some even made friends of mine actually becoming friends with them.

Why are they there?
Basically: to sell them.

Have you ever searched for “buy likes on facebook” on the search engine of your choice? No? Do it.

A facebook account needs a few characteristics to make it valuable:

  • friends
  • pagelikes
  • wallposts
  • interactions

So how the hell do they manage to get friends?
It’s easier than you think. One example:
I study at Berlins Universität der Künste (University of Art) which is one of the biggest Universities in Germany. And that is what i say on my profile. The fake account simply mimics that it does the same and asks students of that university to become friends. And who says no to the new student (maybe even a decent, not too good looking girl) that you may have met in a course and you forgot about and she is working for a model agency? You see? A lot of people say yes.

Basically it works the same with big work places like car manufactures or just using the same city.

Yep, thats what they do. They like your page. For your money.
Will that make your “brand message” seen by more people? Hell no. Beware who you working with and stop trusting all those stupid numbers.

Usually before they start collecting friends they have a few automated wallposts & status updates to make the profile seam real.
I have seen some profiles where they forgot to turn of the geo feature and it links the profiles to places like corsico. Weird for a chinese exchange student girl isn’t it?

At least they like some pages, post a status update, make friends. I was unable to find one that writes comments.

Should i buy pagelikes?
It’s illegal and they won’t interact or push your information anywhere. So don’t do it.
But: If you just started a page usually more people will like it the more likes it already has. Because the more people think its worth a like, the more trust this page earns. So yeah, it might make sense for your page but it is illegal, fake, you will burn in hell and you shouldn’t do it.