Shit you could read during christmas time

Hell Yeah it’s christmas!
Amazing time, Glühwein, cookies, family, boredom & getting it on under the mistletoe. And finally some time to hang around the interwebz and read stuff that is not work related to get inspired. So here is my “Shit you could/should read” list. Most is pretty obvious. But i am a pop-reader anyway (and i am sad died).

Bread & Butter Magazine
I am impressed what the BBB has put live yet. One of the best description what living in Berlin really is about (inside the S-Bahn Ring), travel stories and an already great line up of fashion industry professionals. What i really like about the characters they have chosen: these are not the obvious ones. Every interview i have read so far was inspiring.

Pretty obvious right?! It’s amazing what Timmy, Frede, Torte and the rest of the bunch have achieved in the last years. So many great interviews to read.
So why not waste some time and visit my former University Prof Fons Hickmann.

Medium established themselves as a next-gen blogging plattform. With looooong articles and deep topics. Not something for a quick read.

Still buying at beatport? Check out boomkat as they have releases off the usual tracks and no “electro-house”. The player is kind a nice too.

Besides the regulars like butdoesitfloat & itsnicethat is Arcademi a nice new contender in the graphic blog market by Moritz Firchow from Germany.


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