Install old and new keynote versions on your mac

With the new maverick update comes some trouble. One of the biggest problems for me has been the new keynote.
Keynote 6.0.1 comes with new features. Great. And every keynote 5.x file you will open and save with it will be doomed and not compatible with older versions. Some animations are killed aswell. New Keynotes can not be opened with the older versions.
If you work with a bigger team and clients that don’t have their system up-to-date: trouble is guaranteed.

But it is possible to run keynote 6.0.1 & 5.x at the same time. This might be a lifesaver for some of you, it was for me.

It’s simple: all you need is a an iWork version of Keynote that is NOT from the App store.
Install it.
And install the Keynote that comes from the App Store.
Simple right?

Right click on your keynote and open it with your preferred version.

oh: the right-click show-package-content things works again.
Really cool they have added it again to the new version. Saves a lot of time.

How to get an older iWork Version you ask?
There are still a lot iWork09 Trial Versions available on various download platforms.
For example right here:


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